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Thursday, October 24, 2013

တုိက္ပြဲက မျပီးေသးပါ

the wars not end yet
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poor guy said...

Pah Thu Ghae
You need to do more research about what had happened to the Karen Army groups because your briefing can damage "Karen people reputation and Moral" around the World. My point is what had happened from the past were not Karen ordinary people fault. "EVERY THING HAD HAPPENED WERE THE LEADERS FAULTY " A group people split up is not gonna make another group against and fighter to each other. One Leader split up make another Army group to fight back to each other. And also on private split up is not gonna make any change as well. ONLY ONE LEADER SPLIT CAUSE THE PROBLEM AND MORE PEOPLE DIE.
In stead of using "don't split up My clan Karen people" to me I will use "REUNITE BLOODY LEADERS AND DON"T TRY TO SPLIT UP ANYMORE"

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