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Friday, November 16, 2012

အေပါင္း အစား အႏွဳတ္ ညီမွ်ျခင္း

အီးေမးမွတဆင့္ လက္ခံရရွိပါသည္။


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saw moowah said...

I like those opinion and analysis.
But be careful to point Bo Mya point of good.
If you want to kill those who commit mistake like 1 BDG why not Bo Mya kill his own son that use KNU money pay for sex in Thailand. There are many KNU leader in the border line have been to night club and massage club and pay for sex.
There are some Bo Mya driver that died with AIDS and kill them self before dead.
Mention the weak point that construct Karen Unity.
Don't mention just one good point of Bo Mya, How many Karen solider, innocent civilian and karen leader died because of his direct order with out investigation,
If you see that Bo Mya is good person for you come to me and i will tell you about him. Tell me his good point and i will tell you his bad point if you win kill me and if i win i have to kill you.
Don't press the wound that have be cure.
If you want to chalange do survey amount the Karen civilian and leader.
Only SDA or his wife relative will say good.
During Bo Mya presidential you can see DKBA now. Luckily you don't see other Christian just like (Baptist, RC and Anglican) army attack KNU.
Stop mention about Bo Mya.
I read you point of view and i like it and accept it.
It make me angry while mention BO MYA

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