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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

KNU ကရင္အမ်ိဴးသားအစည္းအရုံးထံေပးပုိ ့ေသာ သဲလ္မာႀကီး(ေစာဘဦးႀကီးရဲ့သမီး) ရဲ့စာ

Open Letter to KNU by Thelma Gyi - August 2013
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Unknown said...

special comment for Thelma Gyi (my best president daughter)i don't know about other karens whether they still maintain your father's principles.But me i never let it down and never will.i hate all karen people who takes the benefit from his/her people hungers,cry,poverty and persecution. Apprently many karen freedom fighter split from KNU and turn their idenfication to enemy.As you said "understandable".Anyway the day when our people celebrate the victory,you and me will all pass away.According to our karen prophecy the fighting between Burman and Karen is not over at the moment.(I mean that 2015 general election dosen't work for your people).i reckon we have to continue our fighting until the victory day.No matter how hard of our life for our people we have to keep the principles to lead us to victory.Trust me unless you and me we pass away very soon,we will hear so many fighting in burma.

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