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Friday, September 13, 2013

UNHCR Karen State Profile

Kayin State _ Township Profile 100913
Invitation and Agenda
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hero said...

That not Karen Flag... Please do not change Karen flag..

Unknown said...

OMG! What is fucking Changing Our KAREN FLAG like this. It's not KAREN FLAG. Who change the KAREN flag, it's seems USDP's Thein Sain Spy.

Does it make KAREN LEADERS thought a bout it. Ha Ha Ha I am so Worry about the Karen Nationality Condition Forward, But I'm a Karen. Some Karen Leaders Take and Give so that why.

Anonymous said...

i"m really feeling bad , when i see they change our Karen Flag.

hate said...

This Flag in not our KNU Karen National Union Flag. This Flag isn't belong to KNU Karen National Union. By the way belong to Karen split groups and some Karen in the city working in the Burmeese Military. All of Burmeese called them Kayin. This word comes from Burmeese. We don't like the Flag from Karen split groups and some Karen in the city Karen split groups and some Karen in the city. If you means the KNU Karen Nation Union Flag and the Kayin Flag is the same. Fuck you the Kayin Flag. We want to know more about the meaning of Kayin Flag. The KNU Karen National Union Flag is already has the meaning, you know more about the history of Karen and our culturals. You have know many information of Karen situation. If you have the best salary don't make the benefit by you are self.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

fuck any mother fucker that fuck around with karen's flag, it dosen't matter burman or karen themselves. i'll tell u a story,Ma Nyain Maung who was in prison for his stupidity in his step father/military government prison said that,"if we KNU/KNLA have to change to dummy BGF we will do that.what a pity.These people have no better option for the whole nation destination.Another story is in the ceasefire agreement between some KNU leaders and military government they have some specially agreements about our flag to be changed.No one know and understand this situation. One last thing is BIRD OF FEATHER FUCK TOGETHER.

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