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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rebels take on Myanmar government

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Anonymous said...

I like it.
Never ever give up Shan people.
Dirty Burmese never good to any Ethnics group.
They cheat you always. It is the best things is fight them.
When you are strong don't stop it fight until they don't have any land.
When the Karen and other Ethnics unite they fail and they had only Seven Miles left, because the Karen stop so dirty dog have more energy and keep Karen and other Ethnics group out off their own state and become refugee for long time.
May the Ethnics unite again and push the Dirty Dog Burmese out off the State.
Mother call you son. Not daughter.
Don't afraid dirty dog SPDC.

Anonymous said...

Since the beginning of the state of Burma,
all Ethnic group is our Burmese slave,
It is time for us to bring the slave back.
Hay Slave! come back to Master or Land lord.

Anonymous said...

Slave don't think about attack you Land lord.
Come back we will feed you very good bone.

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