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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

KNU မွတာ၀န္ရွိသူမ်ား မယ္လဒုကၡသည္စခန္းရွိျပည္သူမ်ားအားေတြ ့ဆုံ(ရုပ္သံ)

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hate said...

The Karen situation is very interesting. Our KNU Karen National Union is the main association for facing problem with Burmese military to get independent in our state. We stated our revolution since 1949.During our revolution many of our Karen national were killing by Burmese military. After that our main KNU is separated in many parts such as Thu Mu Hae, Pa Do Aung San, DKBA, KNLA, BGF etc.; Why we are separating in many part for help the Burmese military? Burmese military is our enemy. Many people think about the separate thing is very difficult for understanding it. When some one is going to have questing about the Karen situation for each separate association. The majority of each separate association will answer
the best of their job. So that our Karen can not understand the situation for today and the future. It means all of the separate associations are looking for their self and their family problems. For example, they need money to be solved their life and comfortable.
Now, The possible things we need are Unity and Communication. If one of separate association can carry a piece of land in their bag many of Karen people will fallow them and looking for them. It can be the good way for solved our nation to get independent in Burma.
Finally, when one of the separate association can take and carry a piece of land to opposite the Burmese military dictator ship . As for me; I will fallow you. We don't want to die in the Refugee Camp. Because of many problems. Such as security, food, right and opportunity.

Unknown said...

message from oversea Thu hkain Kho,i just want to suggest dutyboy that you better to die in the camp than die for your stupid seperation arm group.They already exchange their identification to your enemy including some of your leaders in KNU suppose to do the same as seperate groups did.So who do you trust?remeber some of your people they have to live their life worser than you in the jungle.Try to grap the best opportunity that you can have in the camp and use it and apply it wisely for yourself and for you people around you.Do not worry about your people at oversea and in Burma jungle,they can survive by the heavenly daily bread.Probably you will still seeing another separate group of your people turn to your enemy.Try to do research a little bit more about our Karen prophesy and u will be a happy man soon.Eg. most of Karen state land area under DKBA control,burman people from Burma's central come and occupied it.Then in bridge 6 under KNU control most of the land area which is possess by karen people have been sold to Mon and they start to do Rubber plantation that is what i mean YOU DON'T HAVE ANY MORE lAND TO SETTLE DOWN.aLL YOUR LAND HAS BEEN TAKEN AWAY.THE DAY WHEN REFUGEES FORCE TO RETURN IN BURMA,THEY HAVE TO STAY IN MINE AREA WITH THE TOXIC LAND AND YOU WILL ALL SICK AND DIE.

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