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Monday, September 17, 2012

ေအးရွားဟုိင္းေ၀းလမ္းမႀကီးႏွင့္ ထား၀ယ္ပင္လယ္ေရနက္ဆိပ္ကမ္းစီမံကိန္း ေဒသခံ ကရင္လူမ်ိဴးမ်ားကုိ ဘာေတြယူေဆာင္လာေပးမည္နည္း

အီးေမးမွတဆင့္လက္ခံရရွိပါသည္။ ...... ......ဖတ္ႀကည့္ႀကပါလား....

Article Asia high way and Tavoy Deep sea port

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Star said...

The title of this article, its main idea and the text do not go together, and it's not the same at all. Can this writer please write something that is more reliable, with relevant information. for example, the title should go with the text. How can we write an article, in which the title and the text are totally different.

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