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Thursday, August 15, 2013

ဗုိလ္မွဴး ေစာတူးေ၀ၚ ၏ ကရင့္ေတာ္လွန္ေရး ျဖတ္သန္းမႈ သမုိင္းအက်ဥ္း

ေပးပုိ ့လာသူအား အထူးေက်းဇူးတင္ပါသည္။

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Saw Eh K'lu said...

I am interesting about Saw Tu Gaw speech but I do not hear very well the sound mix with pigs and ducks voices. If you have any different record or another clear record, please try to send another one. I will try to listen our Karen history between U Nu's Government and Karen people.

Saw Eh K'lu said...

In my opinion, I think Thein Sein's Government tries to control every ethnic groups as Karen Life in U Nu's Government.Be aware about this matter!

Hai Hsoe said...

Before 2010 burma election U Nu wife give a speech in the media and she said my husband said that ,"i am really regret about waht i have done to burma,even if i die i can't close my eye because i started the fire and i can't put it off(by denying the legal party such as KNU party and COMMUNINIST party in burma and turn them to rebel)since i announced those parties as rebels,civil war has occured then created death,hunger,poverty,imputation,bloodshed,killing and the greatest thing is turning Burma in to a poorest country in the world.therefore,this wicked heir which pass down generation to generation until now and lead KNU 63 years fight with U Nu heir untill now.But don't be afraid this wicked Heir will be demolished oneday then KNU will celebrate the victory day definately.

Thuya Aung Aung said...

Dear all BGFs you have to listen this Pu Saw Htoo Gaw's message and try to think about the Burmese ideology on Our Karen People. Every Generation of Burmese Government will oppress you people and clear your people in the world. We should have clear vision and purpose for our Karen People.

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