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Monday, August 12, 2013

(၆၃) ႀကိမ္ေျမာက္ ကရင့္အာဇာနည္ေန ့တြင္ ေျပာႀကားေသာ ေကအဲန္ယူ စစ္ဦးစီးခ်ဴပ္ေဟာင္း၊ ဥကၠဌေဟာင္း ဗုိလ္ခ်ဴပ္ႀကီး ေစာတာမလာေဘာ၏ အမွာစကား

"က်ေနာ္တုိ ့ေခါင္းေဆာင္ေတြဟာ သူတုိ ့တတ္ႏုိင္တဲ့အလုပ္ အမ်ိဴးသားအလုပ္ကုိ အသက္ေပးျပီးေတာ့လုပ္တယ္ ေကာ္ခုိဘဦးႀကီးဟာ တကယ္အမ်ိဴးသားေခါင္းေဆာင္၊
အဲဒါကုိ သူတုိ ့လုပ္ထားတဲ့ဟာ အကုန္လုံးပ်က္ျပယ္ ဖ်က္မယ္ဆုိရင္ ဒါ.. ဒီဟာ.. ဒါေတြကုိ သစၥာေဖါက္လုိက္တာပဲ ကရင့္အမ်ိဴးသားေတြကုိ" ဗုိလ္ခ်ဴပ္ႀကီး ေစာတာမလာေဘာ (12/08/2013)

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joe jackson said...

Ta Mla Baw said right, we agree wiht him. we want him to be come younger again. we want good leader! As Mu Tu say Po and Kwe Htoo Win We do not want their are fucking leader .we remmember one time,After when general Bo Mya Die ,Kwe Htoo Win want to be come chairman otherwise he want to cancal Ba U Gyi pricipal too. and also he want to make money to be come rich man .MuTu Say Po and Kwe Htoo Win fucking face.......................!

Hai Hsoe said...

me too i strongly agree with joe jackson because i need independent for all karen people not only a particular group of karen people.every freedom fights in burma who join central government for peace,but they never find peace and regret about what they have done to their people.so for any freedom fighter in burma who gonna decide to join the central gobvernment they will never find peace instead regret it oneday,because that fucking central government just want them to surrender not for giving them peace.in other hand that fucking government just want to be invader and the rest of the freedom fighters have to be colonies.even though knu leaders were tricked to sign ceasefire in past two years,still there some part of karen state are under the jeopardise of junta work an the companies who invested money with burma start to take the karen civilian land by force without paying money.so who do we trust money or social welfare.therefore unless all allies ethinics that decide to get their land back from that junta government and unite to demolish that junta government who control their autonomy and freedom there wil be no more land and right for us,moreover our land become their land and our daughter become their prostitute wife.unless this fucking monster government are lost in burma all the freedom fighter will lost in next how many years who knows?

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