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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Karen rebel leader: No surrender

Published: 10/05/2012 at 03:44 PM
Online news: Security

MYANMAR - Maj Gen Na Kham Mwe, leader of a Karen rebel group and Thailand's fifth-most wanted drug kingpin, says will not surrender to Thai authorities because he has not done anything wrong.

The Karen rebel leader's comment was in response to Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yubamrung's request that Myanmar authorities arrest him and allow his extradition to Thailand to face charges.

He was speaking at a press briefing at his rebel headquarters, across the border from Phop Phra district in Tak province.

"There'll be more measures against Thailand. I've never done anything wrong and I'll never surrender," said the senior leader of the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA).

He said these measures will affect trade and investment, but there will be no use of weapons and violent activities.

The DKBA closed several border crossings in Tak province to Thai nationals in response to Mr Chalerm's move.

Na Kham Mwe said Thai and Myanmar officials can come and investigate drug trafficking along the border, but their safety will not be guaranteed.

"I want to ask Chalerm why has he not arrested former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra following the court's ruling, or does Thai law have no meaning?" he said.

Mr Chalerm said in response he would not argue with Na Kham Mwe, but Thai authorities would continue seek his extradition and prosecution.

"If Maj Gen Na Kham Mwe insists that he is not guilty, he can petition the Thai court to withdraw the warrant out for him.

"However he will be arrested immediately if he enters Thailand," said the deputy premier overseeing drug and crime suppression.

He said the Myanmar government had cooperated well with Thailand and would not allow the Karen rebel leader to close the Thai-Myanmar border in Tak province.

"Thaksin and Maj Gen Na Kham Mwe are two different cases and they can't be compared," Mr Chalerm added.


Henrik said...

Mr. Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yoobamrung, Please do not deal with Burmese people about historical in current modern democratic world. It will bring back them more bad images about after 1988 activities such as the fall of Karen rebel teritories or God Army and now DKBA. I would like to ask you some example questions, If someone leave some drug or illegal things beside your house and you do not know WHO, what will you going to deal with that. Will you pick it to RED SHIRT or YELLOW SHIRT who unstable your current Thai politic? or will you pick it to Abbisit party or Islamic terrorist in Southern Thailand? You must know that the drug dealer in Burma is not DKBA general but Burmese formal intellingent Gen. Khin Nyunt. Why don't you send a warrent to him after he release from housearrest? You have No rights to interfering other nebouring countries such Cambodia or Burma for the sake of Thailand. Khun Sa was the most wanted drug kingpin but why Khin Nyunt do not transfer him to international court. You MUST know yourself because YOU ARE THE THAI GENERAL WHO WILL DOWN SEE OTHER ETHNIC RIGHTS, PROBLEM CREATOR, DISCRIMANATOR. If you love your country please solve the proble in a peaceful way and let international court judge them but not you.

Tohdeeboe said...

I agree with Henrik, why Mr.deputy prime minister chalerm hoobamrung stir up a problem? He has no authority over Myanmar or Karen. why he think he has responsibiligy into Myanmar? He only has authority and responsibility in Thailand. He must not mess up with Burmese people or he himself could be in danger too. Is it because he think thai are smartest and have to expend their authority over its neighbouring country?
That why Cambodia has to fight against them as a punishment.

bkyo said...

Gen. Na Khum Muye, don't ask UhLerm to arrest Thaksin.That is far beyond his ability you imagine even some body in his home killing one of the police officers a couple of years ago, with full evidence, he has no wit to bring him to justice. I think he thought you are Uh Berm the one who kill the police officer and make trouble with you.I never heard he answer Deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thepsuban question in the parliamentary debate regarding the killing. Always keep in mind that you are innocent until proven guilty. Keep fightin' for your justice.Uh Lerm has no right to meddle with Klo Too Baw. I heard you siege Myawiddy when you were force to become BGF but i'm afraid to hear you siege Maesot as Gen. LayTin because you are accuse by Uh Lerm.

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