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Monday, February 3, 2014

KNU celebrated 65th revolution day / Over 10,000 attend / General insists go on fighting to protect territory

The Karen National Union marked the 65th anniversary of Karen revolution day at Depunu, Mutraw District, KNU Brigade (5) territory on Friday January 31, with the attendance of significant leaders of KNU and KNLA , including Zippora Sein, KNU’s vice-chairperson, Gen. Baw Kyaw Heh, the Vice Chief of Staff of KNLA. The 3 day –event, including music and various cultural shows, crowded by over 10,000 of Karen people from Burma and Thailand. The military parade started at 7.30, followed by the speech from the representative of KNU Brigade (5), stating that the ceremony was held to encourage all soldiers and people who still fighting against intruders. January 31 is the historical day of the resistance of Karen people. Despite many obstacles and people have been lived in vagrant, the fighting is for nation liberation in the future.

“Everyone are fighting with sincere. But now we don’t have genuine freedom yet, therefore, we have to fight for our nation’s liberty. We need cooperation and support our people because this is not someone’s mission. To end the war, it’s not our business to speak but you need to ask the person who attacks us.”, said the representative.

Zipporah Sein, KNU vice-chairperson, gave a speech at the event stating that all groups of Karen people still need to stand up to protect their freedom. With 65 years of struggling resistance, the people do not want to be oppressed. Even though the Burmese Government has been trying to talk about peace and negotiation, in reality it has made little progress. They have tried to tell the world that the country already gained peacefulness but in it does not. Holding the event today proves that their claim is not true. Our aim is to bring happiness to the people which would take long time to reach. Therefore, we need to be patient and the people should not misunderstand. We all need to create understanding.

After the speech, Gen. Baw Kyaw Heh inspected the parade before ending the ceremony. Then, the Karen Women group offered flowers to soldiers. While Karen people took photo with the soldiers with delight after the ceremony. Gen. Baw Kyaw Heh said in the interview that the event this year is bigger than the pass. The event, annually held in the Brigade (5), included 3 occasions which is Martyrs’Day , National Day and New Year Celebration in the same event. This year we invite Karen people from Thailand, Burma and abroad including Australia, US and Singapore to attend the event. That’s why this year it is a big event. However, the most important thing is solidity of Karen people.
Gen. Baw Kyaw Heh also mentioned about the peace talk with Burmese government that no progress yet because KNU specified the areas for Burmese soldiers to be stationed and where to withdraw their personnel. Especially along the Salween River Bank, Burmese soldiers are not necessary as the KNU can look after the area. However, the they were not agree but sent more troops to station in 10 spots. This is unreliable and Karen army have to fight with our best against their invasion.

“Burmese Government tells the outside world that the country is peaceful and asks rebel groups to sign ceasefire agreement. But they never prepare details as agreed. Moreover, they put more troops to many areas which is dangerous for ethnic groups”, said the general. He stated that their aim is to restore the rights and freedom of the Karen people in their own land, to have democracy which is worldwide recognized. No matter it is federal state or another. (translated from Thai article)

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