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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

ႊThe first Karen Animation Movie Trailer

ဒုကၡသည္စခန္းမွ ေနာ္ေ၀ ႏုိင္ငံသုိ ့အေျချခေနထုိင္ေသာ ကရင္လူငယ္ေတြရဲ့ လက္ရာေလးပါ။ အားေပးႀကပါအုံး။

ဇတ္ကားကုိအျပီးသတ္ႏုိင္ဖုိ့အတြက္ ထုတ္လုပ္သူေတြက ကမၻာတ၀ွမ္းရွိကရင္အမ်ိဴးသားမ်ားကုိ ေအာက္ပါအီးေမးပါစာအတုိင္းသတင္းစကားပါးလုိက္ပါတယ္။

Hi there,

I hope you will view this movie trailer because this is the first Karen Animation Movie in our Karen History.
The film makers is also quite famous Karen Musician from Karen refugee camp and resettle to Norway.
Maybe you guys will be familiar with The Music Album Can´t Change by HEI Ar.

Now he is looking for a sponsor to support him to make this movie. I hope our Karen people around to view his movie trailer and maybe any of Karen person who is very kind and have a heart to love and support our Karen people work.

Could you please share this link with you blog and could be with some short information about this film, if you guys can.

Thank you so much and hope we will continue to promote and support our Karen all over the world.

Kaw Thoo Lei Lah Poe
For More information Please contact : nanthikarn.k@gmail.com

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